Final Year Exhibition Photo’s

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Business Cards, Postcards and Animation..


Third Year Assessment Categories.

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Main Project’s
  1. News Clouds
  2. Control of Communication
  3. Music News Trivia
  4. Anti Binge Drinking
  5. Portfolio Website


  1. Visualized Lyrics
  2. Making Space

News Clouds Video

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In this project I wanted to explore the balance between negativity and positivity in the news and how this has an effect on society.

This is just a sample of what could be a bigger project. Ideally I would like the words to be bought in real-time through the newsfeed. The society would then react to how negative or positive the news stories are at that particular moment that the user is viewing it.


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Twitrratr is a site that distinguishes between all the positive and negative words from Tweets about a subject. This is particularly good if you want to find out about the general opinion of a product or place etc.

This uses a similar concept as my news clouds project because it highlights and the negative and positive words and categorizes them. The problem with doing this through algorithms is that it cannot make an accurate decision on if the word is being used in a negative or positive way so some of the Tweets are placed in the wrong catagory. The advantages of doing this manually means that humans can make a more accurate decision about what context the words are being used in.

Control of Communication

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The animation for the Tony Benn project is now completed.

I decided to base it around ‘Letter 3’ from the book Letters to my Grandchildren. Some of the dialogue is taken directly from the book but most of it is from my own research so that the animation explored ideas that i found the most interesting.

Rotoscoped walk cycles

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Negative/positive walk cycles.

A dream you dream together is reality..

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Final visualized lyrics design. 5 points for guessing the song its from..